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A next step to a better future for small mustelids in The Netherlands

This week the latest quarterly magazine of the Dutch Mammal Society was released. On the front cover we find an image of a stoat in winter coat which supports the article (in Dutch) written by the Small Mustelid Foundation as part of a consortium of “small mustelid” researchers and enthusiasts.
In the article, we look back at the great progress we have made in recent years regarding our knowledge and understanding of common weasel, stoat and polecat in the Netherlands, including the development of successful research techniques, such as the Mostela and Struikrover®.
We also look ahead and ask ourselves: What next steps need to be taken to ensure sustainable populations of the small mustelid species in our Dutch landscape?
After pioneering with techniques, we entered a phase where the development of effective conservation measures and applicable policy must go hand in hand. The application of the developed techniques in empirical studies should ensure that both conservation measures and policy are research based.
Collaboration, sharing knowledge and experiences and especially broadening the focus on ecological aspects will from now on be essential so that we can start to better understand the complex ecology of our small mustelids and act accordingly.
Article quarterly Dutch Mammal Society December 2020